Saturday, July 31, 2010

Foamy discharge after sex?

My menstrual chart says I should have ovulated this past sunday, Oct. 25.

I had sex on monday (Oct. 26) and afterwards, I had a foamy like discharge, like the top of a frappachino or beaten egg whites. Im not worried, we used a condom, but this has never happened to me before and i tested negative a week before for any type of diseases.

Some of my discharge was also kind of slimy (like an egg white) but no type of odor or discoloration.

Any suggestions? happened to anyone before?Foamy discharge after sex?
I hate it when people answer a question w/ a question, BUT I'm going to do it anyway.... Could it have been lube or spermicide from the condom?Foamy discharge after sex?
during ovulation (and ovulation calendars only give an estimated ovulation, it can be off by a couple of days), the mucous that your cervix produces becomes more watery, thinner and stretchy much like egg whites.

If the condom had spermicide on it (which is basically a type of soap), the egg white cervical mucous and the spermicide can create the foamy discharge that you're talking about.

In other words, perfectly normal!
The egg white stuff sounds like semen. As for the foam, maybe the condom had some kind of spermicide on it that reacted with your chemistry?
are you sure the condom didnt break?

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